Pessenger Transportation
We are making public passenger transportation with daily approximately 470 scheduled trips and 50.000 people, in Kadıköy/Haydarpaşa-Eminönü/Karaköy and Üsküdar-Eminönü/Karaköy routes within the Istanbul Harbor.
We organize roundtrips with summer – winter schedules to Cinarcik, Kocadere, Esenkoy, and Armutlu districts of Yalova which are holiday resorts that are favorable due to being close to Istanbul and that have a coastline in the sea of Marmara, with the condition that the trips are more frequent in the summer season and  to put additional trios when necessary.
In addition to carrying out scheduled public transportation services between Bostanlı-Karşıyaka-Bayraklı-Alsancak-Pasaport-Konak-Göztepe and Üçkuyular ports within the Izmir Harbor by virtue of the integration work that was done with Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in 2000 and gaining the love of the residents of Izmir, we also contribute to the tourism and the economy of our country by organizing tours that present Izmir by sea to the tourist groups who come to Izmir Harbor.
We offer new destinations and transportation opportunity to the residents and the tourists with our boat scheduled roundtrips that we carry out in the summer seasons between Foça – Mordoğan – Karaburun since 2007.